National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators

NAECTE Travel Grant

This award is given at the annual conference by NAECTE and Taylor & Francis. Graduate Students, preferably doctoral candidates seeking a degree in early childhood education or closely related field, are eligible for nomination this year. The award includes travel money to put toward attending the fall annual NAECTE conference.

Submit the following in electronic format (e-docs, either Word or PDF):

  1. A letter of travel intention by the nominee that speaks to the following: 1) the student’s interest in the upcoming NAECTE conference attendance and theme; 2) the student’s focus area that leads them to want to come to NAECTE conferences; 3) what the student envisions as their own future contributions to the organization; 4) the potential positive impact the travel will have on the student; 5) and a statement of commitment to submit a presentation proposal (note: presentation submission is the key factor, not whether the presentation is accepted in the end).
  2. A letter of nomination/support from an NAECTE member;
  3. All materials should be uploaded via this form by deadline dates for submission found at the award’s main page.

Criteria to be used in the selection process:

  1. Merit of travel intention letter (how it addresses the five criteria?)
  2. Extra weight is given to the potential positive impact the travel award will have on the student.
  3. A presentation proposal must be made in order to receive the award. This step may come after the nominee period is over.
  4. Overall quality.