National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators

Outstanding Teacher Educator Award

NAECTE has two Teacher Educator Awards, sponsored by Pearson and Taylor & Francis. They are designed to recognize meritorious leadership and professionalism in early childhood teacher education. The recipient will receive national recognition and a monetary award. Deadline dates for submission is found at the award’s main page. The following criteria will be used by the NAECTE Awards Committee to make the selection. The nominee must:

  1. Be an active member of NAECTE
  2. Demonstrate LEADERSHIP in the field by providing direction, energy, organization, and impetus for efforts aimed at improving early childhood teacher education.
  3. Demonstrate PROFESSIONALISM though advocacy, expertise, and high ethical standards.
  4. Demonstrate SELF-REFLECTIVE PRACTICES through conscious commitment to the profession and to her/his own professional development.
  5. Demonstrate MENTORING by modeling dimensions of teaching that nurture the professional development of students, beginning teachers and faculty, and colleagues.

The submission procedures are as follows:

  1. Nominations must be submitted in a letter (or letters) describing how the nominee meets the criteria.
  2. The nominee’s vita must accompany the letter(s).
  3. Support letters should accompany the nomination. One support letter must be from a current NAECTE member.
  4. Nominations should be uploaded via this form.