National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators


NAECTE has established ResearchNets to facilitate scholarly pursuits on collaborative research projects that relate to topics germane to early childhood teacher education. ResearchNets provide a forum for conducting research studies, an outlet for dissemination of research results, research evidence upon which to base advocacy efforts, and professional development opportunities for NAECTE members. ResearchNets meet during the fall and/or the spring conferences to organize, plan research projects, and share research results. They also continue to network through email, listservs, conference calls, and on the NAECTE website.

Anyone who wishes to create a ResearchNet or revive a ResearchNet, should submit the information below to the ResearchNet facilitator: Dr. Jeanne Galbraith

For a collaborative ResearchNet, where all members are involved in the same project, the proposal should include: the name of the chair(s), research topic (s) research problem, intended methodology, and the potential benefit of the ResearchNet for NAECTE members. Once approved, the ResearchNet is required to submit an annual report to the facilitator on or before March 1 and August 1 of each year in order to remain a part of the spring and annual conferences, respectively. A ResearchNet must have established itself and begun its identified work within 3 years of submitting the application.

Active ResearchNets: